Service Provided

General Warehouse

TTK Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides warehouse and storage service to a wide range of customers from various industries including re-packaging and preparation of product before supplying to production process. By using modern storage management system and operated by our experienced, expertise, and skillful team under a space coverage over than 86,000 square meters in 8 different areas to facilitate our customers together with quick cargoes access. Not only these services, but we also offer onsite warehousing management services.

Total warehouse space






Storage capacity

60,000+Pallet per Year



Our Warehouse Operation & Service

1. Cargos Receiving

  • Container De-vanning up to 20ft and 40ft containers is both normal and Hi-cube sizes
  • Truck Unloading of various sizes is 4 Wheels, 6 Wheels, 10 Wheels, 18 Wheels, Full-trailer, Semi-trailer and more

2. Sorting and Storaging

  • Sorting by products into categories with identification and inspection by Warehouse Management System : WMS
  • Storage on Flat space and on the rack by Warehouse Management System : WMS, AS/RS, which can specify exact storage location
  • Storage by Auto rack, Flow rack, Selective rack, Multi-tier rack, Picking shelf and Flat space or as customer requested

3. Picking & Delivery

  • We can prepare products and packaging according to customer requirements such as Wooden pallets, Plastic pallets, Paper boxes, Plastic boxes, Etc.
  • Picking of products according to various customer orders such as FIFO, LIFO, LILO, By Lot, By Batch, Etc.
  • Container Vanning for 20ft and 40ft containers both normal and Hi-cube sizes
  • Truck Loading of various sizes is 4 Wheels, 6 Wheels, 10 Wheels, 18 Wheels, Full-trailer, Semi-trailer and more
  • Delivery control of products according to plan that customer requirement
  • Can deliver by Kanban, Kippu or by cycle time of customer requirement
  • Delivery control of products by use QR barcode and can trace back products from beginning process to final process before delivery

4. Inventory Management

  • Real time inventory status update by Warehouse Management System : WMS
  • 100% Accuracy rate of inventory status and storage location
  • Inventory report which can trace back inventory status by system
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly inventory report can also be provided based on customer needs

Service & Product inquiries
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