Thailand Labour Management Excellence Award 2021

  • 23 November 2021
  • News

Ceremony for Excellent Establishment Award Labor Relations and Labor Welfare Year 2021
Thailand Labour Management Excellence Award 2021

Prestigious award From strengthening good labor relations in the workplace to employer and employees. work together to build cooperation on labor relations and solve problems that may arise to be stopped by bilateral systems. And encourages employers and employees to realize importance of developing the labor relationship system and welfare in the workplace in appropriate and fair. To provide employees convenience is stable and safe in working. As result, employees have better quality of life at working. Leading to effective collaboration and can live together in good relationship with each other as well as recognition for employers and employees can jointly manage good labor relations and welfare

On November 23th, 2021. Our company received of excellence in labor relations award. And Outstanding Labor Welfare for 6 Consecutive Years (2015 - 2020) by  Mr.Supreecha mongkol, General Manager of Human Resources and Mr.Sahachai Thasana, President of labor union. Received award with Mr.Somwang Modiyadi, At the Mitmaitre Room, Office of Labor Welfare and Protection, Chonburi Province, Sukhumvit Road, Sriracha Sub-district, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, it was awarded the standard for preventing and solving drug problems in business establishments at the same time

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