We are provides warehousing and storage services to a wide range of customers from various industries including the packaging of the product and the preparation of the product before import. production With modern storage management system  with a space of over than 86,000 square meters in 8 different areas to facilitate the customers. And allows customers to access the cargo quickly and with service provided by experienced team, full of Skills and expertise. The company also provides warehousing services to customers.

Warehouse Service Provided

  • Specification : 86,000 M2
  • Warehouse : 8 Locations
  • Manpower : 396 Persons
  • Forklifts : 35 Units
  • System : Warehouse Management System (WMS) and QR code
  • Remark : Data as of January 2020

Our Warehouse Operation & Service

1. Cargos Receiving

  • Container De-vanning (20’’ and 40‘’)
  • Truck Unloading (4 Wheels, 6 Wheels, 10 Wheels, and 18 Wheels)

2. Sorting and Storaging

  • Sorting by customers, for instance, or based on customer requirements by Warehouse Management System : WMS
  • Storage on Flat space and on the rack by Warehouse Management System : WMS
  • Storage by Flow rack , Selective rack , Multi-tier rack , Push back rack and Shelf

3. Picking & Delivery

  • We can prepare Cargos based on customers requirement (for example, packing)
  • Order arrangement and management by First In-First out (FIFO)
  • Container Vanning (20’’ and 40‘’)
  • Truck Loading (4 Wheels, 6 Wheels, 10 Wheels, and 18 Wheels)
  • Visualization control of Daily delivery schedule
  • Can deliver by Kanban or by cycle time of customer requirement
  • Use QR barcode to identify the Cargos and this makes easiness to customers to check their Cargos

4. Inventory Management

  • Real time inventory status update by Warehouse Management System : WMS
  • 100% Accuracy rate of inventory status and storage location
  • Inventory report which can trace back inventory status with 100% correctness
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly inventory report can also be provided based on customer needs